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1st & 2nd Floor Exhibits

First Floor

On The First Floor

  • The Gift Shop
  • Domestic Life Exhibit
  • Rotating Theme Exhibit
  • Large Format Photos
  • Public Restroom

Gift Shop

New Special Exhibit Coming This Summer
50 Years of Skiing in Kellogg
Jackass Ski Bowl to Silver Mountain

Domestic Life Exhibit

Some of the large format photos on display

Second Floor

On The Second Floor
  • Bunker Hill Company
  • Schools & Fraternal organizations
  • Mining technology & tools
  • Sunshine Mine Fire of 1972
  • Vintage clothing & Textiles
  • Kellogg & Wardner
  • Medical equipment and facilities of the past
  • Power & Transportation infrastructure
  • Local War Hero's
  • Scouting in the Valley

Bunker Hill Company Exhibit Area

Sunshine Mine Fire Exhibit

Power & Transportation Infrastructure

Schools & Fraternal Exhibit Area

Kellogg & Wardner Exhibit Area

Clothing & Textile Exhibit

Mine Tech & Tools